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COVID Update

**COVID Update** The current pandemic affects everyone. It is particularly difficult in the medical field. Some of my staff have lost loved ones to this disease, they are scared. We are following CDC guidelines, have decreased the number of patient appointments, removed chairs from the waiting room, bring people to a freshly cleaned room as soon as possible, are all wearing masks and all my staff are being regularly tested. Out of fear, there have been staff that have decided not to work in healthcare anymore. With our abundance of caution, some staff are not allowed to work in the office until they meet our rigorous criteria. Like many medical offices this has left us extremely short staffed. During one week in July I had only 3 of my 9 staff available to work in the office. We are not answering the phone but are taking messages and calling patients back as we can. To try to meet heavy demands on my staff we are going to close the clinic on Fridays in August. You may have your appointment rescheduled or postponed. Remember, there were 2 months we only could see urgent patients and we are trying to care for those patients that were postponed already. Please be patient! My staff are doing the best they can. Hiring is almost impossible and I am not sure when this will be completely resolved. 

All this being said, we are still delivering the best urologic care possible. If you need something leave a message. If it's an emergency, go to the emergency room. If you have not heard back then click the request a call button and enter your info. 

We have a robust Telehealth program using a HIPPA compliant Zoom platform. Many patient appointments are being converted to Telehealth visits. You will be called at least a week in advance to confirm your email and verify your appointment time. Appointment times are being adjusted to account for the change in schedule. If you need to come in the office, please wear a mask and do not come if you have symptoms of fever, coughing and shortness of breath (call your primary care provider). 

If you are a new patient and want to schedule a Telehealth consult you can click on the "Book Online" button, click "Video Visit" and check the "Has the patient seen this doctor before?" box to "No" to schedule. 

Why PeeDoc?

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Hi I'm Dr. Roscoe S. Nelson, a.k.a. the PeeDoc. Yes it's a funny name in a medical profession with serious conditions like cancer,  stones, incontinence, infertility and erectile dysfunction.  I feel that by keeping things light hearted I can connect to more people and by doing so, help more people.  I love what I do because I love helping people. You can always expect honest, personal and outstanding treatment from me and my staff. Each patient is unique. Each patient is valuable. Each patient is more than just a name on a chart. 

This web site is intended to give you more knowledge about urology and related conditions. It’s not intended to offer treatment solutions for your or a family member’s particular medical condition or challenges. Instead, by exploring this site we hope that you will be more informed, and thereby gain more understanding and peace of mind.


So, you can call me Dr. Nelson or you call me the PeeDoc. Either way, call to make an appointment and let's help you to begin feeling better.

Vasectomy Update: Check out my video before you have your consult. Take notes for questions. I think this will answer many of your questions before you see me.  So You Want to Have a Vasectomy?


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