Pee Problems

One of the first questions I ask my patients is “do you have any problems peeing?” I’m surprised how often a person will say something to the effect, “No, I pee all the time” or “No, I pee every hour”.  We combine all these symptoms into a common term called Lower Urinary Tract Symtpoms, or LUTS. So if you pee every hour, wake up several times at night to urinate, struggle to get it out, or can’t get to the bathroom in time then you have LUTS.


Urinating a little more frequently is common as you get older. Sometimes it creeps up on you and you don’t realize it’s a problem. By 65 the average man gets up 1 ½ times a night to urinate.


When is it time to see The PeeDoc? When urinating starts to control your life, when you plan your activities around bathrooms, when you’re feeling sleep deprived… We can help!