Kidney Stones

Personal Experience

Summer 1995. I had completed 2 years of general surgery and just started my urology residency. As I was getting ready to go to church I had a wave of heat come over me. Something was wrong. I started taking off my clothes. The thought of spontaneous combustion entered my mind. My wife came in and asked what was wrong. Then pain and nausea hit me like a truck. I vomited. The pain was so severe I thought I was going to die. Later I was thinking death might not be that bad. It took a few minutes but I realized I probably had a kidney stone.

Eight hours and a lot of morphine later I was the proud owner of a 3 mm calcium oxalate stone. This experience has given me empathy to all patients who have had to experience this.

Kidney Stones

What many describe as the most painful thing in their life. Not only do we treat stones with the most state of the art tools, we are experts in finding out why you're having repeated episodes and preventing future stones.


Stone treatment ranges from small stones that need help in passing to large stones that need to be approached percutaneously (from the outside).


We offer all stone treatments:


Medications to dissolve stones and also to aid in passing.


Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy - We use sound waves to shatter the stone into tiny pieces that are much easier to pass.


Ureteroscopic removal with the use of LASERs is often the best method.


For large and poorly located stones the best way to remove them is often from above. Percutaneous Nephrostolithotripsy (PCNL) is an area of our expertise. We team up with excellent interventional radiologists to remove some of the most difficult stones in the Valley.


From the easiest to the most difficult stones; medicine, surgery, or prevention. If you have a stone, you want a peedoc!