• Roscoe Nelson, MD

The new portal is active!

First of all I apologize for what seems like constant change. The pandemic has made things more difficult on many fronts. Prior to this I have never seen cases be cancelled at the hospital because of staffing issues. We have never been short on phone operators like we are now. In 25 years I had only missed 3 or 4 days of work and 3 of them were from an emergency surgery. As many of you know several years ago I joined a remarkable group of urologists in the valley. This has helped give expertise to my patients that is invaluable. Two years ago we merged with the largest urology group in the United States, United Urology Group. Together it allows us to offer some treatments that can't be offered by smaller groups. The downside is bigger ships turn more slowly. As part of our efforts to ease the pain, a new portal has gone live to help you with a lot of your common requests.

Things patients can do/see on their patient portal:

· Patients can schedule appointments

· Send patient messages to eliminate calling

· Patients will receive notifications when we cancel, reschedule, or bump their appointments.

· Are able to obtain copies of Medical Records such as: Past and recent office notes and vitals

· Patients can see any documents that are scanned into their charts

· Lab Results (once labs are acknowledged by a physician, patients will be able to obtain a copy within an hour)s

· Labs such as PSA, Path, and Cytology are delayed about 48 hours.

Patients will not receive procedure results such as:

· CT Scans, Vasectomies, Cysto, BX, UroCuff, PVR

**Patients can send attachments by uploading them into their portal. If they want us to see it, they NEED to send it in a message directly to us. Please make them aware that we are unable see anything they upload in their portal UNLESS they send it to us directly via a message.

As always, thank you for trusting me and our team!


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