• Roscoe Nelson, MD

COVID and Some Urology Fun

First off, thanks again for your patience as we navigate through this pandemic. Some positive notes:

  1. We will have a new phone system by late October:)

  2. We should be back to full staff by mid October.

  3. We have returned to being open M-Th 8-5 and Friday 8-12. You can stop by for meds or labs during these hours. The least busy times for meds and labs are Tues afternoon, Weds morning and all day Thursday.

  4. We are still testing our staff on a regular basis, requiring masks, providing extra cleanings of touched objects (door handles etc) and social distancing. This will occasionally lead to some delays because if a staff member has any symptoms we don't want them in the office to potentially infect patients. This hyper-vigilance will sometimes leave us short and delay call backs.

  5. Overall I'm very happy with my staffs effort to keep everyone safe and happy.

Lastly, I wanted to share a funny video my daughter made for me about UroLift!

Thanks for being my patient and we wish you the best.

Roscoe S. Nelson, MD

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